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Jurassic Farm Outdoor Cinema + Dino Farm-Fest

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Jurassic Farm-Fest

Cannon Hall Farm, South Yorkshire, 11th + 12th August 2017.

Channel your inner explorer or re-incarnate as a dinosaur, as you step back to the ice-age.

Whether you truly are of dinosaur era, or just want to experience life as cave-man & cave-woman, Jurassic Farm Fest will take you all the way back in time…

Sip on a T-Rex cocktail, or take a glug of a Dino-brew, whilst the flaming Dinosaurs unleash

Watch as the adventure unfolds across the hilly terrain of Cannon Hall Farm. PLUS get your lab goggles ready for a Jurassic film classic: Spielberg’s original 1993 hit JURASSIC PARK and some stomping live music.

Your Ticket to Jurassic Farm Fest includes:

• Roaming Dinosaurs

• Big Bones’ Ball Pit

• Stomping Live Music

• Bucking Brontosaurus Rodeo

• Palaeontology Camp

• Archaeology Excavation Zone

• Jurassic Obstacle Course

• Photo-saur-us Photo-Booth

• Outdoor Cinema with Jurassic Park Screening

• Racing Raptors Go-Karts

• Pterodactyl Kite Flying Zone

• Safari-Camp Food & Bar Zone

Jurassic Farm Fest Will run for two nights only so don’t miss out on your chance to travel back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the world and Jeff Goldblum’s hair was super shiny.

Advance tickets for all entrants are £17.50

Recommended Age: 15+

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