Face Your Worst Fears – Horror Interactive Board Game

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It’s a board game…how scary can it be?

Be prepared to be creeped out, scared witless and to experience a unique and interactive horror experience.

Explore a world of shadows and phantoms, where nothing is as it seems and reality drifts away into a nightmare.

– You and your team are the board pieces.
– Roll the dice, see where the path takes you.
– Meet horror characters, depending on the dice you throw
– Overcome the challenges which will determine whether you go forward on the board or backwards.

You never know what’s lurking in the dark. Just make sure you come out alive!

Tickets for the 30 minute experience are £8.50 per person.

This event is separate to the outdoor cinema screening of Stephen Kings IT (2017).

For movie tickets, click here: https://itmovie.eventbrite.co.uk

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