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If you have an enquiry about our events, please do check our FAQs first at the bottom of this page. Still have something to ask? Drop us a message using this form.

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As all our events are unique it’s understandable that people aren’t quite sure how things will work – which is why we post in depth event details on Facebook. Following our individual Facebook event pages is the best way to get all the latest info.

Below are answers to the questions we get asked every time we put on a show.


You can buy them directly from this website! Just visit our What's On page and select an event. Sometimes we sell tickets on the door but as our events often sell out in advance this isn’t always an option. Book online and book early is our advice.

Alright calm down. We don’t send out any tickets – the email confirmation from your booking is your ticket. Bring your phone with the email on or print them out, when you arrive we’ll scan it and Bingo! you’re in. If you haven’t had an email double check the email address linked to the bank account you bought the tickets with. If that doesn’t work, panic. Or email or  message us via Facebook..

Sneaky Experience has a legal obligation not to admit anyone to films who appears to be under the age required. Please check the classification before booking films to save disappointment. Shows for adults only are for over 18’s. We match our entertainment with the film so if a film is PG our surrounding performance will be too. Family shows have a ‘suitable for’ age rating which is for guidance only. We often schedule several shows on a day for small groups, we find parents and children enjoy themselves more with children of a similar age range. As a rule if we say it’s for under 6’s  a 7 or 8 year old would still enjoy the show but it might be quite noisy.

Please check the relevant event description on our website or social media pages.

We sell tickets for carers of those with a disability, learning difficulties or special needs at half price. Please contact us when booking so we can set up the relevant ticket.

If you are unable to attend an event due to health concerns, we will exchange your ticket(s) for a similar experience of your choice to use within 12 months. Tickets must be the same cost or a greater value (you will have the option to pay the associated increased cost) and must be within the same Sneaky brand i.e. Sneaky Cinema / Sneaky Family etc. Alternatively, you can pass the ticket onto another person for them to use.

Absolutely.  If you wish to reallocate your tickets to someone else you can do this.  All tickets are scanned on arrival, so the name on the ticket does not need to be transferred.

Unfortunately not all the locations we use are accessible to everyone. We’re working on this and stewards are always available to assist disabled audience members as required. Please consult individual event listings for details.

Unfortunately at this time we do not have funds in place to offer subtitles or audio loops on our films.

Please check the relevant event listing on our website and social media pages.

This differs for every location. Please message us on Facebook if you require further information.

We love dogs but our events are busy, noisy and full of weird goings on, whilst that might be fun for some, these events are not suitable for dogs.

As with most outdoor events in the UK – rain won’t stop us having fun! Check the forecast and wrap up warm if it’s looking like a wet one. Some of our best events are at Hallowe’en with thousands of people enjoying films outside in Yorkshire at the end of October. Bring a raincoat and go easy on the face paints. We will only cancel events in the case of extreme weather, such as dangerous high winds. We don’t give refunds if it rains.

Think weather appropriate but fabulous. Please bear in mind it can get cold for night time events so wear something warm and/or bring a blanket.  Some outdoor experiences will require you to wear sturdy shoes, especially in wet weather.

Again this changes from event to event. Usually we have local, independent food and drink stalls offering plenty of choice including vegetarian and vegan food options so we ask you to support them and not bring in your own food. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details of the fabulous food trucks we have lined up for your event.

Parking is usually available at our outdoor venues, whether it’s a designated car park or off road parking.  There will be details on the Facebook event page - if not, please message us.

Smoking is permitted at our outdoor events but please consider those around you, we also ask our audience not to smoke near to other people in the audience.

Interested in having Sneaky create an event for your workplace or a venue you own? Read about what we can offer here.