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Who we are

Sneaky Experience produce unusual events in stunning locations throughout the North of England. Combining live cinema, interactive theatre and a lot of dressing up, the main ingredient is always the same, lots of fun. Our audience is a huge part of our success, whether that’s learning dance steps for a flashmob routine, improvising scenes with our actors or dressing up and acting silly in our legendary photo booths. That’s why our motto is:

Don’t just watch it, be part of it

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Whispers In The Woods

Leeds Town Hall, Christmas 2015 & 2016 An alternative to the commercial offerings at Christmas, The Story Trees and Whispers In The Woods are interactive adventures where children joined in a magical mission to meet Santa. Starring characters  adapted from the Grimm fairy tales and Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows in bespoke performances inspired by classic […]

The Wonderland Experience

Alice In Wonderland. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carrols classic fantasy tale: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland Sneaky created an entirely bonkers day out!. Guests  fell down the rabbit hole with Alice to discover Playing Cards performing magic tricks, play flamingo croquet, join the Mad Hatters Tea Party and chill out with a Caterpillar. The Queen […]

Fairytale Kingdom

A Festival for Fairies & Goblins. A chance to explore a fantastical world and untangle your favourite fairy tales at a summer experience for families. Open a book, choose a tale, come on a magical journey where you can choose your own happily ever after. Featuring dance, storytelling, workshops, hula hooping, crafts and much more. […]

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What our fans say

"If you’re thinking of going, then PLEASE GO! The atmosphere, actors, location and everything was just fabulous."

N. Hodgson

"Unbelievable day – fantastic value for money. Couldn’t fault a single thing. Memories made."

K Marie

"Brilliant day. My Potter mad daughter had the best time ever. The day was so well organised and everyone was so professional and friendly."

L. Lamb

"My hats of to how organised, hilarious, entertaining and awesome you all made the experience. We didn’t know what to expect from the second we arrived until we left over 4 hours later, we were absolutely thrilled."

M. Easton

"What an absolutely amazingly magical day. Fantastic performers who remained in character and costume despite the sweltering heat. Consummate professionals."

L. Knowles

"Absolutely fantastic fairy tale event at Kirkstall Abbey. My 2 year old is still talking about it now. The charaters were so enthusiastic and lovely. The activities were dotted everywhere so we could walk about and discover people – it was very well done. We hope you’ll be back next year."

N. Brock